Thursday, June 26, 2014

Time to Heal

At TeethToday®, we have found, over time, that a main concern of many of our dental implant procedure patients is the length of healing and recovery time. They have concerns about taking time off from work to recover from their dental implant procedure.

Thankfully, at TeethToday®, dental implants can be completed within one day. Your new dental implants, the most permanent method of tooth replacement, can be yours the same day. They’ll also feel and look better than removable dentures.

Once you complete your implant procedure, you’ll soon notice an improvement in your comfort, appearance and speech. With dental implants, our specialists are able to preserve the jaw bone, preventing from the aging look in the face that is often caused by missing teeth.

This same day procedure, is a long-lasting solution that will leave you ready to smile, eat, and get back to living.