Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nutrition and Oral Health

Studies have shown that frequent consumption of sugar-laden foods and beverages is the leading cause of tooth decay. But, you already knew that. Other factors such as illness, accidents, and even genetics, can play a role in the gradual decay of our teeth as we age.

Nutrition and exercise can play a pivotal role in a healthy lifestyle, and in turn, can help to save our teeth from decay. It is still a fact, however, that some people lose teeth.  In the past, when a person lost a tooth, or teeth, the only viable solution was dentures.

Times have changed, at TeethToday®, we know so much more about replacing missing teeth than ever. We are now able to offer a safer, more long-lasting solution. At TeethToday®, your decayed or missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants, in as little as one day.

For fast, safe and effective dental implants, we can help.